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Water Service Landlord Agreement

Oro Valley Water Utility
Agreement for Continuing Water Service to Landlord's Premise

WHEREAS, Landlord owns certain residential premise that are leased to tenants for various periods of time, those premises (Premise) are to be covered by this agreement, for the address identified below:

WHEREAS, The Premise at various times are vacant and OVWU would otherwise be obliged to terminate water service.

WHEREAS, the Landlord desires that water service to the Premise continue during these periods of vacancy.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and promises contained herein, OVWU and Landlord agree to the following:

OVWU shall provide water service to the Premise under the following terms and conditions:

  1. A service establishment fee will be charged to the Landlord for the initial connection of service for the Premise.
    Thereafter, no additional service establishment fee will be charged to re‐establish service in the Landlord’s name provided the water has not been turned off for any reason. If applicable, a sewer establishment fee will be charged to the Landlord when service is re‐established in the Landlord’s name as Pima County Wastewater does not recognize landlord agreements.
  2. Landlord shall pay to OVWU the required security deposit for non‐owner occupied premise for each individual property covered under this agreement. The security deposit will remain on file with OVWU until this agreement is terminated.
  3. While the account is in Landlord’s name, the Landlord shall pay for all water service provided to Premise by OVWU during any period of vacancy and will receive the water bill until such time OVWU is notified that the Premise are occupied by a tenant and a separate water service account is opened in the tenant’s name.
  4. OVWU will not interrupt water service during the interim period between occupants unless the landlord’s account is in a delinquent status, which will subject the property to possible discontinuance of water service.
  5. This Agreement for Continuing Water Service does not apply if the Landlord’s account is turned off for delinquency. Any unpaid bills under the Landlord’s name shall be cause to deny tenant’s water service until such bills are paid in full.
  6. This agreement shall be in effect until Landlord gives OVWU a written notice of termination or until such time as OVWU elects to terminate this agreement.

I agree with all above and by clicking the button below this indiciates my electronic signature as Landlord of aforementioned address.