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Automated Bill Payment Application and Agreement

Oro Valley Water Utility and Storm Water Utility Automated Bill Payment Application and Agreement

Dear Valued Customer,
Oro Valley Water Utility would like to take this opportunity to invite you to sign up for our automated Bill Payment (ACH) program. This service offers you an easy and convenient way to pay your water and sewer bill or Storm Water Utility bill without the hassle of remembering to write a check. Your water bill is paid automatically each month and storm water utility is paid quarterly from your checking account. To enroll in the ACH program, simply complete the application below.

Eliminate long mail delays. Avoid late fees. Have a carefree extended vacation.

With our ACH program, you will save time and money. No checks to write, no postage to pay, no need to forward your mail or arrange for someone to pay your bill while you are away from home.

Instead of a monthly bill, you will receive an email notification providing you with the amount of your water bill and the date it will be deducted from your account. If you choose to receive a monthly statement, the statement will include the amount and date that the payment will be deducted from your account and will say “Do Not Pay” to remind you that you no longer need to send in a check. Your bill is treated in the same manner on a quarterly basis. If you have more than one account with Oro Valley Water Utility, sign them all up for ACH to begin hassle-free bill paying!

To enroll in ACH, please fill out the form below. Contact your financial institution and ask for your 9 digit routing number, please attach a voided check, sign and date the authorization and we will enroll you in the ACH program. This application takes approximately one complete billing cycle (1 month) to implement. Mail your application to: Oro Valley Water Utility.

Example of routing and account number:

Please enter your name as shown on your water bill.
Name as shown on checking account.

I hereby authorize Oro Valley Water Utility and the Financial Institution above to charge the account I have specified for payment of my water or storm water bill. I understand that a fee will be charged to my account for each request returned for insufficient funds. In addition, I understand that both the financial institution and the Town of Oro Valley reserve the right to terminate this payment plan and/or my participation. Should I choose to withdraw from the plan, I will notify the Oro Valley Water Utility in writing, 30 days in advance. ACH will be terminated upon closing of account. If a voided check is not submitted with the application, customer takes full responsibility for all fees charged by financial institutions for insufficient funds.